Reboot tired hair with the these products:

  • Rehydrate hair with the Hair Shot and the 'I'm really busy' Volumising Texturising Spritz
  • Seal in hydration and allow your hair repair all day with the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment Oil
  • Hydrate and repair hair with the 'Laughter is best' Shampoo and the 'Winter is coming' Conditioner.
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  • Let's Get Naked Frizz Fighter (125ml)

    Description: What am I wearing? Just Frizz Fighter. Let's Get Naked Frizz Fighter (125ml) will fight for you like no man you've ever met. Use this lightweight cream to repel the...
  • Let's Get Tacos Treatment Oil (125ml)

    Description: Like food to a hangover, this oil will give your hair life!  Let’s Get Tacos Treatment Oil (125ml) is a daily treatment that repairs hair from the inside out. Say 'goodbye' to split-ends and 'hello'...
  • I’m Really Busy Texturizing Volume Spritz (250ml)

      Description: What was that? I can't hear you over all this volume. I'm Really Busy Texturizing Volume Spritz (250ml) is that friend who has full-body confidence without any alcohol...
  • Time Is Precious Hair Shot Ampoules (10ml)

      Description: Finally, a shot that you don't regret! Time Is Precious Hair Shot Ampoules (10ml) are a moisturising leave-in treatment that will strengthen, hydrate and protect your damaged strands....
  • Style Kit - Smoothing & Volume

    SOLD OUT! This product will be restocked in 1-2 weeks. Shop now at Free People.    Includes: Let's Get Naked Frizz Fighter (125ml) I'm Really Busy Volume Spritz (250ml) Description:...
  • Laughter Is Best Shampoo (250ml)

        Description: This shampoo is no joke! Laughter is Best Shampoo gently cleans damaged, dry, or colour treated hair while it strengthens and adds shine. This moisturising lightweight formula contains keratin and...
  • Complete Cleanse Kit

    This is not your mother's supermarket haircare combo! If you suffer from dryness, lifelessness, or dullness due to over-treating your hair, this is the perfect treatment for you. Formulated with keratin and silk...
  • Winter Is Coming Conditioner (250ml)

    Hydrates — moisturises —lightweight  —doubles as a hair mask — conditions — repairs — protects — makes styling easier — adds shine — strengthens  — colour protection    Description: Leave the tangles and knots for...
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